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World of Warships, le MMO de guerre navale Les studios Wargaming ont encore frappés! Spécialiste des jeux de guerre free to play comme World of Tanks ou World of Warplanes ils ont cette fois décidé de conquérir les mers du globe.

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World of Warships Soundtrack Now Available (Free!) – The ... World of Warships Soundtrack Now Available (Free!) 6 August 2016 ~ Sebastianul Good night readers, I am a bit late with this piece of information, but the RU WoWS portal posted some useful links with all the music from the game. World of Warships (2015) Download Torrent Game for PC The word "warships" is translated as "warship", and created this game Studio that also worked out World of Tanks. I think this information is enough to understand that the player will require a dynamic and reasonableness of action, sea battles, in which great attention is paid to team cohesion, ability to unite. Télécharger World of Tanks - - World of Warships v.0.6.2 Vivez des batailles massivement multijoueur épiques à bord de vaisseaux historiques légendaires Télécharger World of Warships gratuitement

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World of Tanks Update 1.0 is closer to be released, but before we can have the new graphics on the Live server, we will have a long period of test on the Common Test server.

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